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Destinations - Christchurch

Christchurch lights at nightThe bustling capital city of the absolutely beautiful Canterbury Region on the South Island of New Zealand is considered to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. One of the most unique regions on the planet, Christchurch is possibly the only place in the world where visitors can go snowboarding in the morning and surfing in the same afternoon.

The second biggest city in all of New Zealand, Christchurch is also considered to be the gateway to the rest of the stunning South Island. Perched on the fringe of the vast Canterbury Plains, the city of Christchurch is encapsulated by dramatic landscapes of lush rolling hills, rugged pine forests, snow-capped mountain ranges that are the famous Southern Alps and the glorious deep azure waters of the Pacific Ocean.

The city of Christchurch made shocking headline news in 2011, when a devastating earthquake hit the heart of the city and seriously damaged some of the eastern suburbs. But as a testament to the tenacity of the residents of Christchurch, the city continues to grow from strength to strength as the suburbs and damage is repaired and rebuilt.

Hagley Park, ChristchurchThe Garden City
Internationally acclaimed as The Garden City, Christchurch continually works hard to keep up the pristine and perfectly manicured gardens in and around. The beautiful public parks and lush rolling gardens are as old as the city itself, and have become somewhat of an iconic landmark.

Hagley Park is the majestic Botanical Garden that sweeps over more than 161 hectares of central Christchurch. Attestation to the historic planning and background is evident right throughout the city, and no more so than some of the beautiful parks like Mona Vale, which is perched breathtakingly on the edges of the River Avon, and Victoria Square, which is proudly preserved by Christchurch residents.

Avon River, ChristchurchPeople travel from all over the world to come and book accommodation in Christchurch so that they may also experience the beauty and the tranquillity of the gorgeous surrounding and picture perfect gardens.

The city plays host to two of the biggest international Flower Shows each year, when Christchurch undergoes an exciting transformation during the months of February and March as gorgeous bright colours set the city ablaze with vivid contrasts.

Street life, ChristchurchCoveted Christchurch
There is no question that Christchurch and the Canterbury Region has not only an enviable climate, but one of the most enviable lifestyles in the world. Every exciting outdoor adventure is just at the tips of ones fingertips and Christchurch is more accessible than ever before.

Breath taking sceneries and majestic landscapes dominate every 360 degree view, with misty geothermal areas, romantic snow-capped mountains, sparkling lakes, electric teal rivers, sweeping and sparkling ocean that is teeming with an abundance of some of the planet's most rare marine life, and rolling green hilly forests, Christchurch is a true experience like no other.

Banks PeninsulaThe eastern coast port that is the Banks Peninsula is host to some of the most secluded and remote private beaches and coves. Banks Peninsula is full of intimate havens that have not been touched by human hand or interference, and exactly how Mother Nature left it to be. Wild coastal brush rambles over velvety white sand dunes, rugged rocky outcrops form craggy fringes along the seashore and lush green valley's sink below the horizon, giving way to hidden away gems, ancient wineries and rolling vineyards.

Hot air balloon, ChristchurchWater sports, sailing in Lylleton Harbour, exploring the historic French-British colonial village of Akaroa, whale watching in Kaikoura, skiing on Mt Hutt, lush Canterbury golf courses, hiking through the Southern Alps, white river rafting, horse riding , hot air ballooning and fishing are just some of the incredible adventures waiting to be experienced in Christchurch.

Getting There
Being the gateway to the South Island, Christchurch has the busiest international airport on the island. Visitors will land at Christchurch International and can make their way to their accommodation in any one of the surrounding towns. Airport transfers can be arranged, but if you plan on travelling around, a hire car would be the best option for all that exploring.

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