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What is KiwiProfiler

KiwiProfiler is KiwiShortStay's easy Member data update tool. This is a tool that allows Advertisers to easily update their Property profile page anytime they want - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

KiwiProfiler is available to Property owners who have internet access. Members simply login with their Username and Password selection. If you have forgotten your password, don't worry! On the Login screen, we have provided you with the ability to retrieve your password immediately. KiwiProfiler allows you to:

  • Check your subscription expiry date;
  • Maintain your profile;
  • Upload and change photos;
  • Make Payment;
  • Create last minute Late Deal promotions and specials;
  • Access assistance guides and templates;
  • Access Advertiser Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's).

KiwiProfiler is FREE to our Members.

The benefits are numerous: You can update your page for monthly or seasonal specials; update as your property grows or if you change your bed/bathroom configuration. You can add new pictures to your page or offer special pricing at certain times of the year and amend your month by month letting fees.

KiwiProfiler is available for you to use as often as you wish...anytime! Simply Login to enter.